Amaravati activist hits BJP leader with slipper during TV debate

A live debate on a Telugu news channel turned ugly when one of the panelists assaulted a BJP leader with a slipper.

During the political debate on Tuesday night, Kolikapudi Srinivasa Rao, an activist working against the trifurcation of Amaravati, removed his slipper and hit BJP’s Andhra Pradesh general secretary Vishnu Vardhan Reddy after a verbal duel over some comments made by Reddy on former chief ministers.

Enraged by these remarks, Rao fired back at Reddy saying he was talking “nonsense”. He was aided by condemnation from another panelist who logged in virtually from home.

“You are crossing your limits,” Reddy warned Rao, but he said that he will repeat the “nonsense” word 100 times.

As the debate heated up, Reddy accused Rao that he should wear a Telugu Desam Party (TDP) flag and then debate, hinting that he was a TDP supporter.

“Wear a TDP flag and talk or go and work in the TDP office. Who are you? Who are you to ask me? Should I do your paid artist job?” fumed Reddy.

On hearing the “paid artist” jibe, an infuriated Rao removed his slipper and struck Reddy on his face and questioned him “who is a paid artist?”

Those opposing Amaravati’s trifurcation are termed as “paid artists” by their political opponents, who allege that they are opposing trifurcation as the land value in Amaravati region will plummet.