Amarinder hails farmers, hopes Punjab govt fulfills pending commitments


Former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday hailed the successful completion of the farmers’ agitation along the Delhi borders as they headed back home after 380 days of, what he called, “tapp, tyaag and tapasya”.

“It was their discipline, dedication, determination and perseverance that saw the movement reaching its logical conclusion with the government of India eventually repealing the farm laws,” Amarinder Singh said in a statement.

At the same time, the former Chief Minister hoped that the Punjab government would fulfil all its commitments made to the farmers in the Congress manifesto before the elections.

“I have already fulfilled most of these promises and the onus is now on the incumbent government to fulfil the pending commitments before the election code of conduct comes into force,” he said.

Expressing complete satisfaction with the resolution of the issue, Amarinder Singh recalled how a year ago he had personally got himself involved with the farmers’ movement and supported and encouraged them to take their protest to Delhi.

“I am happy that our purpose has been served and the laws have been repealed to the satisfaction of our farming community,” he said.

The former Chief Minister said he was already on course to fulfil all the pending demands of the farmers. But, he added, “Unfortunately, first because of Covid and then due to my replacement, some demands still remain unfulfilled which the new government must fulfil.”

“Today I want to reassure my farmer brothers and sisters that I won’t hesitate in taking any step when it comes to watching Punjab’s and farmers’ interests, the way I did in 2004 when I repealed all previous water sharing agreements with other states with the Punjab Termination of (Water Sharing) Agreement Act, 2004 to save our waters and also save Punjab from going dry,” he added.



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