Amartya Bobo Rahut’s ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’ celebrates ‘simple joys of life’

Singer and songwriter Amartya Bobo Rahut have in the past released some tracks which have been inspired by his real-life experience, and similarly his latest track ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’ also expresses realistic theories of life.

As he mentioned: “Yeh Jo Zindagi is a song that talks about the simple joys of life that we sometimes end up overlooking. I am currently in a pretty happy state of mind and I wanted to write a song that reflects that. It’s a song about being hopeful and joyous in every living moment.”

In the past he has released tracks called ‘Noor Kasauli’, ‘Mere Aulia’, ‘Thikhana’, ‘Shaam Simli’, ‘Kaisi Ho’, and more. Amartya in the past has composed for films like ‘Drive’, ‘Tumhari Sulu’, ‘Aurangzeb’, ‘Uttarayan’ and more. He also composed independent albums with Amit Trivedi and Shriram Iyer and others also.

Talking about the changes the music industry has seen in the past few years, he replied: “It’s changed quite a bit. Most of the artists are releasing their music through their own channels or labels. Hopefully, as it happens in the West, OTT platforms and the bigger labels will start licensing music directly from artists. More power to musicians.

On the work front, he said he is occupied with: “Currently scoring the music for a couple of OTT shows and working on my independent singles through my label.”




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