Amazon CloudWorks Internet Monitor to let users diagnose internet issues

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cloud arm of Amazon, has announced its “CloudWorks Internet Monitor”, which will allow users to reduce the time it takes to diagnose internet issues.

As the name implies, it’s part of the CloudWorks monitoring tool, and it looks at internet connections around the world to find trouble spots.

“A new capability of CloudWatch will give visibility into how an internet issue might impact the performance and availability of your applications,” said Amazon in a blogpost.

“Internet Monitor uses the connectivity data that we capture from our global networking footprint to calculate a baseline of performance and availability for internet traffic,” the blogpost added.

The idea is to let users monitor problems related to internet connection problems with applications running on AWS infrastructure resources.

Users can simply create a monitor and add some internet resources and can monitor from there when they are getting performance complaints that they cannnot pinpoint.

Additionally, users can see their monitor’s health score based on the quality of the connections to the resources they have added.

There will be no need for users to instrument their application code, as they can enable the service in the CloudWatch section of the AWS Management Console and start to use it immediately, said the blogpost.

The new service is available in public preview across 20 regions, and it is free in a public beta.




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