AMC ban on paper cups: BJP govt in dilemma over the action

Controversy has arisen over the ban on tea paper cups by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), after the ruling party refused to give the green signal.

The AMC executive wing had announced a ban on the use of tea paper cups in the city from Friday, but the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has not given the green signal to execute the decision as it fears that the ban can shut the paper cup manufacturing units and render thousands jobless.

AMC Mayor Kirit Parmar was very cautious while commenting on the controversy, “There is no circular putting blanket ban on the use of tea paper cups. It is an oral order of the Municipal Commissioner to the executive wing, who is out of station. Once he returns the ruling party will discuss all aspects of the decision and will take a final decision.”

On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner (Solid Waste) Harshad Solanki claimed that the decision was taken because of the way these paper cups are being disposed of by the end users.

“The storm drainage is getting choked, so the decision was taken to ban the use of tea paper cups. The AMC team is creating awareness among the users to stop using tea paper cups since last one week, and it was the commissioner’s decision to ban the use from January 20.”

“The corporation may have its reason, but the implementation is haphazard and is being executed in a hurry,” alleges Abhay Mehta, a tea paper cup manufacturer.

“If end users are throwing waste in the storm drainage system, why are the manufacturers being punished for this,” he questioned.

He fears that if the ban is implemented it will render at least 10,000 workers jobless directly employed by 1,200 units in the city, the indirect employment is around one lakh.

“All ingredients used in making tea cups are meeting health and food safety standards, and the waste is not hazardous. Why are they killing industry? It is difficult to understand,” said Mehta.




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