Monday, July 22, 2024

American teachers delegation visits Delhi government school

A delegation of 15 American teachers on Wednesday visited the Delhi government-run Rajkiya Sarvodaya Kanya Bal Vidyalaya in West Vinod Nagar area of east Delhi.

These teachers are part of the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classroom programme by Fulbright Teachers Exchanges run by the US government.

Education Minister Atishi, who welcomed them, said: “The scenario of the divide between public and private schools is no different in India from other parts of the world. Today, 70 per cent of the children in India have moved to private education due to the deteriorating condition of state government schools. It is mostly the children of people who can’t afford costly education in private schools that attend government schools.”

She said that the main aim of the Arvind Kejriwal government is to change the scenario and make quality education accessible for every child in Delhi, irrespective of their background.

She said that the “remarkable change” in Delhi government schools could be seen today because of the efforts of the government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Kejriwal.

Thereafter, the American teachers actively engaged with the primary section students, participated in the Happiness Class, and experienced the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum class.

“These interactions provided invaluable insights into the curriculum and pedagogies being implemented by the Delhi government schools that have garnered worldwide admiration,” a statement said.

Alex Pajares, a teacher from Brooklyn, New York said: “The visit to this Delhi government school and witnessing the Delhi Education Model firsthand has been truly eye-opening. The innovative approaches and the state government’s commitment to excellence in education are truly inspiring.”

Another teacher, Marilyn Pryle from Pennsylvania, said: “I am amazed by the transformative impact of the Delhi Education Model. It has challenged my perspective on education and has motivated me to bring similar innovative practices to my own classroom. Developing Entrepreneurship Mindset among students is an important part of education in current scenario, Delhi Government is implementing it in its schools in a unique way through EMC.”

“The Delhi Education Model is a shining example of how prioritising education and investing in teacher training can lead to remarkable changes in the lives of students. I am excited to implement the lessons learned during this visit in my own teaching practice,” added Katerina M. Johnson from Aurora, Colorado.



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