Amid festival season, vegetable prices soar in Delhi-NCR

As the festive season has set in, prices of the vegetables have gone through the roof in Delhi-NCR, hitting common people the most. Since the festivals are nearing, prices of fruits have also gone up, along with the vegetables.

In Noida, huge difference is being seen in prices of vegetables at the Safal stores and the retail sellers. Vegetable sellers say that they are getting expensive veggies from the market.

Normally, the prices at Safal stores built in Delhi-NCR are kept completely under control. But this time, the prices of vegetables and fruits are seen skyrocketing here too.

Rates of the vegetables at Safal stores are: Potato – Rs 20 per kg, cabbage – Rs 98 per kg, brinjal – Rs 75, per kg, tomato – Rs 56 per kg, peas – Rs 200/kg.

While retail rates of the veggies are: Potato – Rs 25-30 per kg, cabbage – Rs 100 per kg, brinjal – Rs 80 per kg, tomato – Rs 50 per kg, peas – Rs 300/kg.

Retailers attribute the inclement weather in the past to the increased prices of vegetables.

According to vegetable vendors, the vegetables lying in the field got rotten due to incessant rains. This condition of the market has happened due to the shortage of the vegetables that could not reach the market and the general public. Vegetable vendors said that most veggies are cultivated in Sahibabad and from there most vegetables are supplied in Delhi-NCR.




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