Amid fissures in Raj BJP, Raje raises ‘Ab hamari paari-2023 ki baari!’ slogan on her B’day


Amid the growing differences between the BJP state organisation and her followers, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, on her birthday on March 8, gave the slogan ‘Ab hamari paari-2023 ki baari’ for the forthcoming state polls. She said that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps to emerge the winner.

She began a religious tour on Tuesday from Bundi’s Keshavrai Temple situated on the Chambal Temple where a mammoth crowd had gathered on her birthday.

Addressing this huge crowd, she said, “My resolve is to make a strong Rajasthan which is capable of giving back to the country and the society but not the Rajasthan which keeps demanding under forced circumstances.”

Remembering her mother Vijayaraje Scindia, she said, “Rajmata taught me that those who follow the path of justice and raj dharma relentlessly, keeping their faith in God, victory undoubtedly comes to them.”

Expressing hope for her future she said, “God takes a test, but also passes the person with good marks who follows religious virtues. Sometimes people following the policy of Raj Dharma have to face difficulties. God tests such people. But the person who sticks to religion is passed by God with good marks,” she added.

Giving the slogan, ‘Ab hamari paari-2023 ki baari!’ (Now our innings – 2023’s turn..!!), she counted her success stories and said, “You see the historical 120 marks in the state in 2003, then in 2013 also, an unprecedented 163 seats and now in 2023, BJP will smash all the old records. The number 3 is good for all of us, for the BJP. First 2003, then 2013 and Now our innings – 2023’s turn..!!

For all this, it is important that we are not divided between caste and religion. Stay united. Only then can Rajasthan progress, she added.

However, differences came into the open on Tuesday with organisation leaders maintaining a distance from all posters installed in different parts of the capital. Raje’s big picture in the poster was supported by a few of her followers and the state team was seen nowhere in the picture.

While BJP state president Satish Poonia and Gajendra Singh Shekhawat among other leaders greeted Raje on her birthday they in one voice positioned Raje as national vice president and wished for her long life and good health.



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