Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Amid NKorea threats, SKorea defence chief orders military readiness

South Korea’s defence chief on Friday renewed his calls on the military to keep a constant state of readiness to retaliate against North Korea, if provoked.

South Korea Defence Minister Shin Won-sik visited the Army Missile Strategic Command in Wonju, 87 kilometers southeast of Seoul, the latest in a series of inspection tour since taking office in October, Yonhap news agency reported.

“Maintain a readiness posture at all times to immediately operate world-class, long-range, high-precision and high-power missiles when given the task,” he said at the command, according to the ministry. He also ordered the troops to immediately and powerfully retaliate against North Korea, if provoked.

Shin described the command as a key unit for the country’s “three-axis” deterrence system against North Korean threats, calling on troops to “firmly punish” enemy provocations, the ministry said.

The three-pronged system refers to the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation, an operational plan to incapacitate the North Korean leadership in a major conflict; the Kill Chain pre-emptive strike platform; and the Korea Air and Missile Defense system.

Shin’s visit to the unit came amid heightened tensions after the North effectively scrapped a 2018 inter-Korean military agreement designed to reduce tensions and prevent accidental clashes along the border.

Last month, the North vowed to restore all military measures halted under the deal after Seoul partially suspended the agreement in protest of Pyongyang’s launch of a military spy satellite on November 21.



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