Amid sub-zero temperature, new design of ‘Pheran’ is a hit in J&K

Jammu and Kashmir is famous all over the world for its precious beauty as well as unique clothes. As soon as winter sets in, the people of Kashmir start wearing their special traditional dress, ‘Pheran’.

‘Pheran’ is not only an important culture of Kashmir, but also a necessity during winters.

Even in this modern era of fashion design, this traditional Kashmiri dress has been successful in maintaining its unique identity. Pheran is used not only by the residents of Jammu and Kashmir, but also by the tourists visiting J&K from other parts of the country as well as abroad.

Leading historian Zarif Ahmad Zarif, referring to ‘Pheran’ as ‘Super’ during winters, said the special clothing was known as ‘Pirahan’ or ‘Paraban’ in Persian.

“Now Pheran has become an important part of Kashmir’s culture. Winters in the Valley are inescapable, especially without Pheran and Kangri,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that many times a ban was imposed on the use of Kashmiri Pheran in government offices, but the same was lifted every time.

In the modern era, with new requirements of the time, Pheran has also undergone many changes. Now, along with Pheran made of cotton, Pheran made of Chinese cloth is also being introduced which is known as ‘Raglan’.

And the trend of this new style of Pheran is catching up with the people with each passing day. There is a rush of buyers in the markets for the new variant.

A businessman in Srinagar, who deals in ferns, said that on an average, five to 10 ferns are sold from his shop every day. He said now the buyers are preferring Pherans made of Chinese cloth instead of the Pheran made of ‘pattu’.

A buyer said that the new Pheran available in the market is very attractive, which he can wear comfortably even during office hours.

“It is very difficult to survive the winters without Pheran in the Valley. Even the tourists who come to the Valley wear Pheran,” he said.




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