Amritsar customs seize 102 kg drug in consignment from Afghanistan

Customs officers at Integrated Check Post (ICP) Attari, under Amritsar Customs Commissionerate, on Sunday said that they have seized suspected 102 kg of drugs, valued at Rs 700 crore, concealed in a ‘mulethi’ (liqourice root) consignment imported from Afghanistan by a Delhi-based importer.

This is one of the biggest drugs haul detected and seized by Amritsar Customs after June 2019 when in one of the biggest cases in India, 532.63 kg of drugs were seized at ICP, Attari in an import consignment from Afghanistan.

The seizure came after the goods were subjected to X-ray scanning as per the prescribed examination procedure. Some irregular spots were seen by the alert duty officer in X-ray images of some of the wooden logs in the consignments. Therefore, in view of the suspicious images, the Customs officers opened the bags in presence of ‘panchs’ (witnesses) and other Customs staff.

When all the bags were opened, it was seen that some of them had small cylindrical wooden logs (not ‘mulethi’), which appeared to be sealed on both ends by saw dust mixed in adhesive material. Such wooden logs were segregated and packed in separate bags. These wooden logs were then broken open revealing machine-made cavities in each such log, which was filled with powdery material suspected to be a narcotic substance. The substance was tested with drugs detection test kit both by the Customs as well as BSF separately and they showed positive results for narcotic material.

“The said concealment in cylindrical wooden log inside a cavity created is shown in pictures below. The total weight of such wooden logs was about 475 kg, from which 102 kg of suspected heroin of estimated value of Rs 700 crore in the international market was extracted,” said the official.

Further investigation in the case going on.

Regular imports of Afghanistan origin items such as dry fruits, fresh fruits, and herbs take place via Integrated Check Post Attari. In view of the changed political situation in Afghanistan since August, 2021 and sensitive nature of trade, strict examination is being carried out of all import cargo.

Amritsar Customs has seen many cases of concealment of gold and drugs at airports as well as at Land Customs Station, ICP Attari and is waging a battle against such imports of contraband.




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