An aging brain needs these foods to revive itself

As you grow older, your body also starts ageing. Along with the fine lines and wrinkles, the organs of the body including the brain also start to age.

However, it is possible to keep the brain as young and healthy as possible by eating the right kind of food and providing the brain with the nutrition it needs to function optimally.

Over time, the brain tends to get hurt and bruised because of free radicals, decreased blood flow and other reasons. But there are certain food items that you can start to incorporate in your daily diet to boost brain health and keep it young.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As per nutritionists, Extra virgin olive oil is linked to reduced chances of Alzheimer’s because this oil improves the autophagy of your brain cells. Include extra virgin olive oil with some apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard to make a delicious and nutrient rich salad dressing that will brain health.


This one nearly everyone knows. Omega 3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA are commonly found in fish like salmon and these are excellent at prevent ageing of the brain. In addition, for the vegetarians, ALA, an Omega-3 found in plant-based foods like seeds and nuts can also be converted into EPA and DHA and provide the necessary nutrients.


Spice rich food is an Asian tradition, turns out food rich in spices like turmeric, black pepper, saffron, cinnamon, ginger and rosemary are all excellent inclusions in diet to prevent ageing of the brain and these also help boose memory.

Rainbow vegetables

A platter full of plant food in the assorted colour of the rainbow provides the body with all the fibre and nutrition it needs. Also, medically, plant-based diet has always been associated with a person’s longevity in terms of cognitive abilities.


Leafy greens are replete with folate, a very critical vitamin that is much needed to maintain a healthy and active brain. Greens like Swiss chard, spinach, dandelion greens and arugula are particularly useful for cognitive abilities especially as you age.            



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