Anand Giri’s Raj connection, family resides in Bhilwara village

Anand Giri, a disciple of Narendra Giri, who has been accused by the seer in his 7-page suicide note, is a native of Rajasthan’s Bhilwara district, who left his home at the age of 13.

His father Rameshwar Chotiya still resides in a small home in village Sareri here. He said that Anand was a name given to him later.

“We have named him Ashok. 25 years back, he left home without informing anyone. He was a Class 7 student at that time. We tried searching for him and after a few years, someone informed us that he is in Haridwar.

“We tried searching for him in Haridwar too and traced him in Narendra Giri’s ashram. We spoke to the latter, Narendra Giri then brought Anand along with him to our village in 2012. He was given Diksha here in the presence of family members.”

Anand Giri’s father said that the duo stayed here for an hour and then did not come back. However, Anand Giri came here during his mother’s demise five months back.

The family denied the claims that Anand Giri ever sent them any money.

Anand Giri is the youngest of the siblings. Two elder brothers are in Surat and are scrap dealers, mother has died five months back and his father is engaged in farming while one brother runs a vegetable cart. The three-brother family has an ancestral house where they all are staying.

The villagers, meanwhile, consider him as an icon and said that Anand Giri has a cool and composed nature and he could not engage in any crime.