Anant Vidhaat on playing complex and layered character in ‘Mai’


‘Gunday’ fame Anant Vidhaat, who is seen in the web show ‘Mai’, talks about his character and believes that actors should add something to a role.

Anant says: “With each project, I’ve become more conscious of whether I’m bringing something unique to the table?”

Sharing more about why he chose this role, Anant shares: “When I first read the script, I ended up feeling very overwhelmed. I found my character Prashant to be very complex and layered. He can’t simply be defined as a black or white character. Despite doing bad things, there’s a certain quality about him that makes him likable.”

“You can’t call him shrewd or evil, he will take calculative steps and make you his own. So, as an actor maintaining this balance was quite interesting and I really had fun exploring it.”

Adding further, the actor says: “In our industry, it’s easy to get work, but it’s difficult to get good work, and for me it’s always been quality over quantity of work. I want to establish myself as an artist who’s a part of strong projects and terrific stories. And, being a part of Mai has been my humble attempt in doing so.”

‘Mai’ streams on Netflix.



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