Pop star Ananya Birla feels anyone can get consumed by the mindless rat race and lose sight of true goals.

She wants her new track “Everybody’s lost” to act as a reminder to not be harsh on oneself in a circumstance of misplaced purpose.

“We tend to get consumed by the mindless rat race and sometimes we lose sight of our life’s true goals. This track is a reminder call to let loose and not be harsh on oneself in a circumstance of misplaced purpose,” Ananya said.

“Sometimes we are all lost, and it’s more than okay to be directionless and enjoy the moment for what it is. You’ve got to be in the right kind of groove to figure out your purpose successfully, to not get annoyed by the long stretches of never-ending roadblocks, the bone-tiredness that overcomes you when you’re midway to your destination, and the inevitable soul-searching over life decisions,” she added.

Earlier this year, Ananya tried giving voice to the trauma of the pandemic through her electro-pop single titled “Let there be love”. She recorded the single during lockdown at Ananya’s makeshift home studio in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, last month, the singer alleged that a celebrity chef’s restaurant in California was “very racist” in throwing her and her family out.

“This restaurant @ScopaRestaurant literally threw my family and I, out of their premises. So racist. So sad. You really need to treat your customers right. Very racist. This is not okay,” she tweeted.

Later, the eatery denied any such incident saying that while there was a tense situation over IDs it was resolved and they were not made to leave.


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