‘Andaman’ director Smita Singh on distribution plans, social media campaign for movie

‘Andaman’ director Smita Singh has talked about the distribution plans of the film and how it helped in its promotion.

Talking about its distribution plan and social media campaign wherein audiences are also the profit partners of the film, she says: “Usually debutante filmmakers are always told to not expect recovery from their first film but we are very fortunate to achieve this. The highlight of my film is it’s unique distribution plan and I’m very surprised that my recovery is very satisfactory. In fact I’m getting a good response from audiences and many people are suggesting this plan being a profit partner themselves. I have never dreamt that this plan would really create that impact.”

Sharing about the responses debutante director Smita is receiving, she says: “I’m receiving great response from many filmmakers in the industry that we have done a really great job and if we would have got good financial support this would have taken our film to another level. I never imagined that my first project would be this good.”

This film is about a failed IAS aspirant who is made in charge of a quarantine centre in an unprivileged village. Helmed by director Smita Singh, this film was released independently on an open theatre platform.

Written by Anand Raaj, who is essaying the main protagonist, it is produced by 8th Pillar Motion Pictures. The other cast members of the movie include Sanjay Mishra and Rajesh Tailang.




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