Andhra police call for info on overstaying foreigners

The Andhra Pradesh police have called for information on foreigners illegally overstaying in the state.

Kumar Vishwajeet, principal secretary, home department, AP and Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Hyderabad held a video conference with all districts police officials on Tuesday regarding overstaying aliens.

They exhorted on the need of registering Form C and Form S in these cases sojourned foreigners and student foreigners.

Prakasam district superintendent of police (SP) Siddhatha Kaushal informed that all the people extending accommodation to foreigners are required to furnish information on them.

This directive applies to all hotels, guest houses, rented accommodations, apartments, private homes, hospitals and other premises in the district.

Kaushal said that details should be registered online through Form C and communicated to the SP’s office within 24 hours of the knowledge of a sojourning foreigner.

Form C should be registered using the website created by the Government of India, in which the date, time and duration of stay of the foreigner should be duly registered.

‘Some people who are not aware of this matter are not registering Form C and those who do not provide information about the accommodation details of foreigners will be punished under the Foreigners Act 1946,’ said the senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officer.

Likewise, details of foreign students studying in any college should also be furnished with the SP’s office through Form S.

According to Kaushal, foreigners on tourist visas can visit tourist attractions in the district but are barred from carrying out business or religious activities.

He said violating foreigners would be prosecuted under Foreigners Act 1946.

‘If anyone suspects that foreigners are roaming around suspiciously or have been staying at home for a long time and have not registered Form-C, please provide information about them,’ he observed.

Similarly, the SP added that anybody with knowledge of overstaying foreigners even after the expiry of visa should immediately inform the police.