Anees Bazmee hints at ‘No Entry 2’ production kicking off by December 2022

Seventeen years ago, Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan and Anil Kapoor were part of a laughter riot called ‘No Entry’.

The movie was a hit and after seventeen years it seems like the actors and the director Anees Bazmee are keen to bring the laughter riot back with a sequel. Anees Bazmee who is basking in the success of his recent release, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ spoke exclusively to Bollywood Hungama about plans for the sequel to ‘No Entry’ which could be tentatively titled, ‘No Entry Mein Entry’.

He also told the portal in an exclusive interview that the production for the sequel could kick off by December or January.

While talking about the possibility of the sequel to Bollywood Hungama, Anees Bazmee said, “Haali mein meri mulakaat jab Salman Bhai se hui, tabhi unhone kahan ki Anil bhai film shuru kardete hain December – January mein. Inshallah. Aisa bol rahein hai and he is very serious about it. He loved the story and again unhone bola ki ek baar suna do aur maine sunayi. And I hope shoot jald hi shuru ho jayegi.” (Recently, I happened to meet Salman Khan and at that time he told Anil Kapoor that they should start the movie in December or January. Inshallah! They seemed to be discussing it and Salman seemed keen to start. He loved the story of the sequel and asked for the narration once again, so I did. Hopefully, the shoot for the sequel should begin soon).

When Anees was asked about the release date for the movie, he said that right now the movie was still very much in the nascent pre-production stage. “Abhi kuch discuss nahi hua hai. Abhi milunga toh zaroor poochunga ki kitne mahine mein banana hai, kya karna hai. There are a lot of other people involved too.” (Right now, nothing concrete has been discussed. When I meet them next time, I will definitely ask how we should proceed with the production and how many months should we set aside for shooting. There are so many other people involved too). For now, ‘No Entry Mein Entry’ is still a hypothetical plan with two out of three actors of the main cast on board for a sequel. However, there is still a while to go before we get an official confirmation and announcement of the movie with cast details, plot lines and release date.



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