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Aneesha Madhok: ‘I don’t care if all the roles go to nepotism babies’

Known for her work in ‘Bully High’ actress Aneesha Madhok does not believe in networking in the entertainment industry, adding that she doesn’t care if all the roles go to star kids. She said that she will create her own opportunities.

In the entertainment industry, networking and references matter when it comes to getting the right opportunity. Merit has its value but so does luck, but preference wise, the actor with contacts often gets the opportunity.

“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. However, I have got more opportunities in global film industries instead of my country. I don’t think my talent is valued here, and I have made peace with that. I don’t care if all the roles go to nepotism babies, I will create my own opportunities,” she said.

Aneesha shared: “I have not much to say about nepotism because it is everywhere in Bollywood. I feel like I can be friends with anyone so I do vibe with a lot of the star kids but I feel Bollywood should jump on the global level of talent hunt instead of sticking to limited artistic endeavours and until it doesn’t I will stick to global film industries, Pollywood and Tollywood.

She also did a musical play ‘Ananand’ recently for Umrao Jaan fame Muzaffer Ali.

“I was acting in a play in Los Angeles and got spotted by filmmaker Bill McAdams Jr, who was sitting in the audience. He cast me as the lead in my first independent Hollywood film. From there on, I just kept getting spotted by other filmmakers and managers. So I believe one should just keep doing what they love,” she concluded.



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