Angelina’s push for family therapy questioned

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Angelina and lawyers may be trying to make Brad looks bad

Angelina Jolie reported desire for herself, Brad Pitt, and their children to see a trauma specialist together may not be the best idea, a psychologist who specializes in trauma said. 

Brad Pitt, 52, was cleared by the FBI and the DCFS for alleged child abuse in a September incident on board the family’s private plane, but Angelina Jolie, 41, just won’t let it go.

Angelina’s reported request for the whole family to see a trauma specialist together isn’t necessarily the best plan, according to trauma expert and psychologist, Dr. Steve Ornstein — especially if she wants this for the wrong reasons.

“The big question is if the trauma on the airplane was so horrific for the kids, then why did the FBI and DCFS close the case? They closed the cause because they didn’t feel there was a threat to the children,” Dr. Ornstein told “This is a high profile case, one that the DCFS would not treat lightly.

“Why would Angelina push forward with a trauma expert? It could be that Angelina and her lawyers are stirring the pot by trying to make Brad look bad, and this of course could help Angelina gain full custody of the kids.”

If this isn’t the case, though, Dr. Ornstein said that pursuing a different type of therapy could be alright for the Jolie-Pitt family.

“There’s nothing wrong with them getting a different specialist, if the one [Angelina, Brad, and the kids] currently have is not working. However, in order to have effective family therapy, there has to be 100% participation from all members,” Dr. Ornstein said. “If not, then the therapist becomes a referee and the therapy is ineffective.

“If it’s true that Maddox [Jolie-Pitt] and Pax [Jolie-Pitt] walked out of therapy and refuse to go back, then there is little any professional can do to help,” he continued. “If this is the case, the boys should meet privately with a therapist, and then eventually when they feel safe meet with both their parents and the rest of the family.”

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