Actor Aniruddh Dave has found a way to keep his mind at peace during these times of stress.

“I am practicing breathing exercises. But yes doing meditation and yoga will definitely reduce stress and give some peace of mind,” said the “Patiala Babes” actor.

Meanwhile, he feels that from small kids to the elderly, everyone has a PhD in coronavirus now.

“I would like to say that corona is the only one disease in which from children to aged, everyone has done a Ph.D in India. Everyone knows what precautions are to be taken. But when it comes to implementing them, people forget it,” he said.

When the coronavirus outbreak hit the world, people were informed that washing hands frequently and using a sanitiser can reduce the risk of infection. With that, people started cleaning everything that comes from outside.

“Now we are habituated to this new way of living and even with a vaccine, I think that there will be chances of people getting affected. So, it’s good that everyone has become more hygiene-conscious and are trying to create a hygienic environment,” said Aniruddh.


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