Ankit Tiwari: It’s absolutely necessary that 2022 begins on great note


Music composer Ankit Tiwari has gained a new perspective towards live concerts in the post-pandemic era. He opines that the energy and vibe of a live audience is completely on a different plane, something that a musician on stage feeds from.

Ankit, who will be performing in the Maldivian capital of Male on New Year’s Eve, says: “I am so excited for my show in Male. I had agreed to do it long ago. After spending a year locked in at home, in the pandemic, concerts have a new meaning for us musicians and performers. The energy of a live audience is unmatchable.”

The musician is thrilled to be performing at all and on New Year’s Eve.

“It will be twice as much fun. I have heard about the protests in the city. But that’s the beauty of music. It heals people. Ideologically, one could be in different places but music has the power to unite people and make them come together.

“I am already getting fan mails where they are telling me how excited they are for the show. It will be a grand show indeed because we’ve all had a rough few years. It’s absolutely necessary that 2022 begins on a great note,” he added.



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