Anshuman Jha on ‘Bombay Strangler Ke Khauffnaak Tapes’: Eerie voices, scary sounds pique one’s imagination

‘Love, Sex Aur Dhokha’ actor Anshuman Jha explores the concept of his recent audio show ‘Bombay Strangler Ke Khauffnaak Tapes’ which is a supernatural thriller.

He says the core of the story is the audio tapes found by the character Biren (played by Anshuman), which talk about the Bombay Strangler’s murders. And these tapes are causing havoc.

Therefore the title ‘Bombay Strangler Ke Khauffnaak Tapes’. “Piyush Jha, the writer of the show, has a knack for interesting catchy titles,” says Anshuman.

He continues: “It will hook you in from minute one. This genre (suspense-thrillers) lends itself so well to audio. Eerie voices, scary sounds etc can really pique one’s imagination and have listeners waiting on our every word – waiting to know what happens next.”

The actor briefs about idea behind the audio show: “‘Bombay Strangler Ke Khauffnaak Tapes’ is essentially a suspense thriller rooted in the supernatural. Yamini, an investigative journalist, receives a call from a stranger, Biren (my character) that sparks a series of horrific suicides. Biren claims to have found audio recordings of her grandfather who went missing during her childhood under mysterious circumstances. It’s a race against time as they try to unlock the mystery and save their lives.”

The actor, who is known for movies such as ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’, ‘Mona Darling’, ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’, web show ‘Mastram’, has made his audio debut with ‘Bombay Strangler Ke Khauffnaak Tapes’.

He speaks on his audio debut: “It’s my audio debut and has been a wonderful experience working with Piyush Jha (writer and creator), Manish (director) and the entire team at Audible. It was a new kind of challenge, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Being a audio show, it needs narration and specific kind of preparation, says Anshuman.

“You are living a character through voice and the audience needs to experience the highs and lows of the storytelling through the performances – so yes, it does need preparation vis-a-vis detailing on getting the beats right. Yet keeping it real. I have kept Biren natural and real as opposed to deep and intense,” he concludes.

‘Bombay Strangler Ke Khauffnaak Tapes’ is available on Audible.




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