Anshuman Jha shoots fiction travel show in Arunachal Pradesh


Actor Anshuman Jha is in Arunachal Pradesh to shoot for a fiction travel series titled “Sifar”, and he feels grateful to drive through one of the most beautiful states in India.

The series attempts to shoot a fiction series via improvisation in a real set up. The actors have no written dialogues. They have a screenplay and character graphs, but speak their lines from experiences while on the mammoth drive through the state.

“I am just grateful to be getting an opportunity to drive through one of the most beautiful states in our country — that is Arunachal — and interact with motor sporting legends like Hari Singh and the current India champion Gaurav (Gill). It’s a dream come true and an exciting process, for we will create something like never before,” Anushman said.

The web series is being shot through the state in the middle of the 3000-kilometre Trans Arunachal Drive. The drivers will meander through the entire state from Namsai to Tawang, through the foothills of the Himalayas and camp along.

The show is directed by Victor Mukherjee and produced by Vivek Singhania.