Anthony Mackie on why Falcon didn’t take Captain America’s shield

Hollywood star Anthony Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson and his superhero alter ego the Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has revealed why his character hasnt taken up Captain Americas shield, despite being offered by Steve Rodgers, or Captain America himself, at the end of the film “Avengers: Endgame”.

“Sam doesn’t want the Cap to go,” he said during a virtual press conference, for his upcoming show, “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”.

“Sam’s whole journey (in the MCU) has been with Captain America. So, for him it’s just that pain that he is not there. I mean Sam is like all of you guys. He wants him (Steve Rodgers or Captain America) there. He was Sam’s Captain America as well. So, I am not sure if Sam feels it’s the right time to pick it yet,” he said.

The six-episode show will centre around Mackie’s Sam Wilson or the Falcon and Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier.

During the conference Stan spoke about how challenging it was for him as an actor to return to a character, who was already established.

“I kind of freaked out, in the sense he was already established. So, to go again, and see what he is like now. There is his sense of humour, and how he is battling PTSD. All of it was really exciting for an actor,” he said.

“Seb (Sebastian) and I are two completely opposing personalities. So, there’s no jibber jabber. We allow our best versions to develop, and we are there to correct, in order to reach that best potential. You look for that second person, and it was such a great experience working with him,” said Mackie.

“The Falcon And Winter Soldier” will premiere on Disney+ Hotstar, March 19 onwards.