‘Anti-BJP forces should form ‘Team Goa’ to rout BJP’

Goa Forward party, an opposition party here, has urged all anti-BJP forces to come together to defeat the BJP in the 2022 state Assembly polls, claiming that the ruling party was trying to sell Goa to the highest bidder.

A statement issued by Goa Forward president and former Deputy Chief Minister Vijai Sardesai, after a meeting of the party’s state executive committee on Wednesday, also said that anti-BJP forces should form ‘Team Goa’ to install a new government post polls.

“The state executive committee reiterated the party’s stand that all anti-BJP forces should come together for the forthcoming elections as ‘Team Goa’ to defeat the anti-Goemkar Bharatiya Janata Party,” Sardesai said, who served as a deputy Chief Minister in a BJP-led cabinet headed by former Chief Minister late Manohar Parrikar.

“The forthcoming elections are not just about electing a new government to replace the present one, but that it is the last chance for each and every true Goemkar (Goan) to save our beautiful Goa, its environment and Goemkarponn (Goanness),” the statement also said.

“The GFP will be very much a part of this movement, because it is not about who will form the next government or who will be the next Chief Minister, but how we should come together to save Goa,” the statement said.

“The present government’s only aim is to sell Goa to the highest bidder, and if the BJP comes back to power because of those trying to split the anti-BJP vote, it will be the end of our beautiful state of Goa,” it added.