Anti-Pak sentiments fuel Afghan protesters in London

Anti-Pakistan sentiments is fuelling anger among the locals in Afghanistan and its nationals living abroad, as killings of innocent people in various incidents in Afghanistan have been blamed on terror infiltration from across the Pakistan border.

Expressing their increasing anger against Pakistan, a group of Afghan protesters on Monday staged a demonstration outside the Pakistani High Commission building in London, carrying banners and raising anti-Pakistan slogans.

The protest turned aggressive and violent after some of the protesters attacked the building by pelting stones and throwing water bottles at the Pakistan High Commission premises.

Footages of the protest, which went viral on social media, showed protesters throwing objects at the Pakistan High Commission (PHC) premises, which is located on the Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge.

The police authorities present at the site could also be seen trying to stop the protesters.

The Pakistan High Commission, taking notice of the incident, has lodged a complaint with the UK government, asking it to take strict action against the culprits, who damaged the building of the high commission.

“The video footage of the damage has been shared with the authorities and a request for strict security arrangements has been submitted,” confirmed the PHC officials.

Pakistan has also reminded the UK government of the protest in 2019, when an ethnic group had vandalised the commission’s building. However, no action was taken against the culprits.

It is believed that the protest was led by a group called ‘The Watan’, which had also called for a protest on Sunday outside the Pakistani High Commission in London.

The protest was about the killings in Afghanistan, blame for which has been put on Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that The Watan group shared an address with the Afghan Embassy in London, at Princess Gate, SW7.

Anti-Pakistan sentiments have been on the rise among the Afghan nationals as the Ashraf Ghani government in Afghanistan has accused Pakistan of continuing to support the terror groups and allowing them to carry out attacks inside Afghanistan, which has resulted in loss of innocent lives.

Pakistan, however, has rejected the Afghan accusation and stated that Pakistani soil is not used by any terrorist group to destabilise Afghanistan and the Afghan peace process.