Anupam Kher off to Shimla home with his mother

Actor Anupam Kher took to social media on Wednesday to inform that he is headed for his home in Shimla after a gap of two years. The actor is accompanied by his mother Dulari Kher.

Kher shared a video where he is seen walking hand in hand with his mother inside Mumbai airport. Asked where she is headed to, Dulari replies in Hindi: “To our home in Shimla.”

“Taking Mom home in Shimla after two years. She has stayed indoors all this time. Now vaccinated with both jabs. She is excited and ecstatic like a child!! Jai Ho! #DulariRocks #Home #Life #Happy,” Kher shared on Instagram.

On Tuesday evening, Anupam Kher shared a throwback photograph where he is seen posing in a simple Kurta pajama together with Jackie Shroff and Shah Rukh Khan, who holds a plate of food.

“When innocently looking at the camera was a style statement!! Unless you are @apnabhidu!! When a plate of food in the hand was a natural thing. When a plain kurta pajama was the ultimate party dress. With #Jackie and @iamsrk!! From my album of memories! #Friends #Actors #OldPics #Memories,” Kher captioned the photo.