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Anupam Kher visits Panki Hanuman temple for his new series ’21 Hanuman Temples’

Veteran actor Anupam Kher likes to research about discovering more history and about the many Gods of Santan Dharma.

Recently, the actor visited Ayodhya after which he went to Kanpur to visit the Panki Hanuman temple to discuss the history of the great temple in his mythological-documentary series ’21 Hanuman Temples’.

Taking to his Instagram, ‘The Kashmir Files’ actor posted a video where he said: “We worship Lord Hanuman in the form of Panchmukhi, but do you know why we do so? Today we will talk about Bajranbali’s Panchmukhi temple which is over 1,000 years old. Here you will get to worship the great Lord Hanuman in all his splendour.”

He added: “This temple also has the blessings of Lady Sita as she considered Panchkuli Hanuman akin to her own son while Lord Hanuman was her staunch devotee.”

He continued: “It is said that the great Gangadas ji wanted to take the current Hanuman statue at Panki from Chitrakoot to Bithoor, though Lord Hanuman is said to have appeared in the dreams of Gangadas urging him to keep the idol in what is currently Panki. Honouring his wishes, Gangadas put the idol in Panki and abandoned his original objective.”

He captioned the post: “Today, in our latest episode of 21 Hanuman Temples we will talk about the Panki Hanuman Temple in Kanpur. Hear from me the great history of this legendary monument, the sacred and holiness of this temple and its great importance.”

He concluded the post with: “@anupamkherstud1 @priyagupta999 #21HanumanTemples With Anupam Kher || Panki Hanuman Temple – Kanpur!”

After that, the documentary series cut to shots of various devotees coming to the temple and bowing their heads with some priests giving the history of the temple while saying that Lord Hanuman has even more temples than Lord Ram.

Most recently, the ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ actor appeared in a special role as Cabinet Secretary in the Vivek Agnihotri directorial bio-science film ‘The Vaccine War’ which received a rather lukewarm response at the box-office as it clashed the swords with ‘Fukrey 3’ at the ticket windows.



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