Anupama to resume protest, seeks action against wrongdoers


After waging a war to get her newborn child back, which was given in adoption by a group, former Students’ Federation of India (SFI) leader Anupama on Friday said her protest will resume and continue till all the wrongdoers, are brought before the law.

On December 10, the International Human Rights Day, she along with her support team will stage a protest before the State Secretariat.

She said there are quite a few people who have played a role in this and it includes, the police, a notary, officials attached to the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCWC) and the Child Welfare Committee.

“A copy of the report prepared by senior IAS official T.V. Anupama has to be given to me, as I am now being told that it was not what was reported in the media, which pinpoints the wrongdoers. Till date even after everything has surfaced, even the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is yet to utter a word. I will continue till the wrongdoers are punished,” said Anupama, while speaking to the media, here.

It was four days after she delivered her baby boy in October last year, her parents forcibly took it away and then two state-backed agencies, KSCCWC and the CWC allowed the giving of her child to adoptive parents in Andhra Pradesh.

It was after a huge media blitz, which began last month, action started the distraught mother’s pleas. The local family court, which was to have formalised the adoption, stayed the process and the baby was brought from Andhra Pradesh and given to Anupama and Ajith, early this week.

With the top officials at these two agencies all close to the CPI-M leaders, so far there has been no action against them and surprisingly on Thursday a top Kerala CPI-M leader in the state capital — Anavoor Nagappan staunchly — defended the two officials. He said till date there has been nothing against them and they have done no wrong.

The Congress-led Opposition led by V.D. Satheesan slammed Vijayan and other top leaders of the CPI-M and alleged that they had a role in the “missing baby” case and accused them of “child trafficking” and not adoption.

The fight to get her child back swung in Anupama’s way as the DNA test result came positive on Tuesday, after the baby was brought here from Andhra Pradesh on Sunday night. And the very next day, the baby boy was handed over to the biological parents, marking the first phase of her war against the Vijayan government.


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