‘Anupamaa’: Pakhi blames Anupamaa, Vanraj for spoiling her relationship with Adhik

Since its inception, ‘Anupamaa’ has been successful in maintaining its popularity among audience. In fact, it has made the lead actress Rupali Ganguly a household name with her strong portrayal of a Gujarati middle-class woman called Anupamaa.

In the show, when all the tricks played by Pakhi (Muskaan Bamne) failed in improving her relationship with Adhik(Adhik Mehta), she puts all the blame on her mother and father Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey) for creating the differences between them. After Pakhi locks herself in her room and sends a voice message to her husband threatening him about taking her life, his sister files a police complaint.

The police officer enquires from the family members about Pakhi. Rupali scolds her for the way she has created problems for others. At last, Anuj(Gaurav Khanna) says that it is time for Pakhi and Adhik to make the final decision. However, Adhik shows his reluctance to stay with Pakhi, due to which she breaks down in tears. Finally, she tells Adhik that she is not a bad girl and blames her father for provoking her. She also asserts that her mother is also equally responsible because she keeps instigating him against her.

‘Anupamaa’ airs on Star Plus.




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