Anupria Goenka’s birthday wish is to have a Covid-free world soon

Actress Anupria Goenka celebrates her birthday on Saturday and she wishes for a world without Covid.

“My birthday wish is to have a Covid-free world soon. I hope we go back to a normal life. Many people are suffering in many ways like illness or trauma of health issues of their loved ones, financial issues, domestic abuse and the basic anxiety of being indoors. The last one-and-a-half years have been very difficult for everybody,” she told IANS.

“I hope that all of us, mainly the privileged people, stay aware of the fact that we are blessed with the capacity to sustain ourselves during these times, and we come forward and help one another and those in need. We need to take this as a responsibility and give back to the society,” says the actress, who has been seen on OTT shows such as “Sacred Games” and “Criminal Justice”.

The actress, who will soon be seen in “Ashram 2” and “Asur 2”, says she wants to contribute to society.

“I want to personally be able to make a bigger contribution and do better work. Not just in my own or my family’s life, but I also hope to be able to give back to society on a regular everyday basis in a more profound manner in the times to come, ” she says.