Aparshakti Khurana decodes film set lingo for fans


Actor Aparshakti Khurana has hopped onto the bandwagon of a viral social media trend with a funny twist. Social media has lately been abuzz with “Turning things into inspirational quotes”, and most people have quoted near and dear ones. Aparashakti chose to decoded the language used on film sets.

The actor uploaded the Instagram Reels post in the story section of his official account.

He wrote in the video: “Turning things you hear on film set into inspirational quotes…”

One of the sentences decoded was when the director says: “Let’s take one more for safety.” He actually means “I didn’t like your previous take.”

Another one decoded that when the chief AD says: “It’s an NG jacket”, it means, “It’s not a good jacket”.

Aparshakti will be seen in the film “Helmet” along with Nutan’s grand-daughter Pranutan. The film is his first outing as a solo lead. He will also be seen playing the role of a superstar in the series “Stardust”.