Apni Party to protest delimitation commission proposals on Dec 29


Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party decided on Thursday to take out a silent protest march on December 29 against the delimitation commission draft proposals.

Apni Party held a meeting on Thursday that focused on the proposals of the delimitation commission.

Syed Altaf Bukhari, president of the party, told a media conference that Apni Party has outrightly rejected the proposals of the delimitation commission demanding that the commission should revisit the draft.

Bukhari said Apni Party leadership unanimously takes exception to the Delimitation proposal that essentially deviates from the procedures as mandated by the Constitution of India.

He asserted that the Party is of the opinion that the report has been framed in such a manner that suits only one political party.

“Apni Party has a clear stand on this report that defeats the very idea of a secular India. Both the divisions of Jammu and Kashmir have always complemented each other while such arbitrary edicts are aimed to disturb the harmony in J&K. Apni Party will never allow these schemes to succeed”, Bukhari said.

He said that Apni Party urges the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister to intervene in this matter of concern and ensure that the Commission’s report is based on facts and merit that resonate with scientific approach.

Besides, Bukhari said that the party will take out a peaceful protest on December 29 that will register the dissent against this objectionable move.

“Our party leaders will take out a peaceful march on December 29 wearing black masks which will signify that the voices of the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been silenced. Even the fourth estate is not being allowed to speak lucidly”, he said.



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