Apple adds updated ‘Shortcuts’ app for books, wallpapers

Tech giant Apple has released an updated ‘Shortcuts’ application with new actions for books and switching wallpaper.

Shortcuts allow users to create basic automation on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, reports AppleInsider.

With iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1, the company has also added a series of new Shortcuts actions to enhance some existing actions, and made “reliability improvements to the Shortcuts editor and library.”

Apple mentioned that the wallpaper actions work on iOS which means that the actions will not be recognised on the Mac, but on the iPad.

Existing actions that the tech giant has improved include batteries, calendars, maps and more.

Meanwhile, last week, the company had started to roll out iOS 16.2, the second major update to the iOS 16 operating system (OS), which includes several new and improved features for the users such as an improved always-on display.

Other new features include end-to-end iCloud encryption, Apple Music Sing karaoke mode and much more.




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