Apple AR headset may use iris scan to identify people

Tech giant Apple’s upcoming AR (augmented reality) headsets may use iris scan instead of Face ID or Touch ID to identify people.

In the company’s forthcoming AR gadgets, iris scanning is likely to be used to recognise a user when they put on the headset, reports AppleInsider.

“The capability will make it easier for multiple people to use the same device and allow them to quickly make payments inside the headset,” quoted in the report.

“Just like iPhones, it allows people to confirm payments using scans of their fingerprints or faces”, it added.

It is expected that iris scanning will enable Apple Pay use, if it is used as a new biometric method for user authentication.

The design of the upcoming AR device is expected to feature mesh fabrics, aluminium, and glass. It is likely to be thinner and lighter than Meta’s new Quest Pro.

The screen of the headset will be able to function at low refresh rates, much like the iPhone and Apple Watch, which have always-on screens. It would be specifically for battery conservation in the case of the headset.

It is rumoured that the company is working on three different AR headsets.

The one of the headgear is likely to launch in 2023. It might cost up to $3,000 and include a pair of 4K OLED panels as well as 15 side-facing camera modules.




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