Apple reverses verification requirement for educational discounts in US

After introducing a new verification process for customers taking advantage of educational discounts in the US, tech giant Apple reportedly appears to have reversed this decision.

According to 9To5Mac, the tech giant is no longer requiring verification of eligibility, but stricter purchasing quantity limits remain.

Similar to verification for Apple Music student plans, Apple started using UNiDAYS for verification through the Apple Education Store on Wednesday.

This meant that shoppers had to verify their eligibility using UNiDAYS in order to lock in the 10 per cent discount on iPads, Macs and accessories, the report said.

After years of Apple not requiring any sort of verification for Apple Education Store purchases (in the US), this was a major change.

At some point on Friday, however, Apple appears to have reversed this decision and removed the UNiDAYS verification prompt from the Apple Education Store in the US completely, the report said.

This means that, for the time being, anyone can make a purchase through the Apple Education Store and lock in the discount, it added.




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