Approval of Biden’s handling of economy declining: Poll


A new polls has revealed that the approval of US President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy was declining as the cost of living has jumped to become Americans’ most important issue, displacing jobs and the economy, voting rights/election integrity and the Covid-19.

The new NBC News poll said the other issues besides handling of the economy had topped January’s survey, reports Xinhua news agency

Sixty-two per cent of respondents said their family incomes are falling behind the cost of living, 31 per cent said they were staying even, and 6 per cent said their incomes are going up faster than the cost of living, according to the poll conducted on March 18-22.

Asked whom or what they blame the most for increasing inflation, a plurality of Americans, 38 per cent, pointed the finger at Biden and his policies.

Republican respondents made up the bulk of those with that opinion, said NBC.

Another 28 per cent put the blame on the Covid-19 pandemic, 23 perc ent attributed it to corporations that have increased prices, and 6 per cent blamed the rising cost of goods and services on the Russia-Ukraine conflicts, it added.



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