Are you being taken for granted in your relationship?


For some, the signs are subtle for others its staring in your face, either way it’s difficult when you feel like you are being taken for granted in a relationship.

While the big signs like lack of respect, cheating, not involving you in major life decisions are the red flags, often even in loving respectful relationships there are small signs where a partner feels like they are being taken for granted.

Here are some everyday signs that point to the fact that your partner taking you for granted

Tuning you out

Women often complain that their partners are simply not listening when they talk. While that may be true to some extent, if you find that every time you are talking to your partner, he/she is either looking into their phone, or they take a call mid-way or they are simply not paying attention, all the time then it is a sure sign that you are being taken for granted.

Choosing to not spend time with you

You can’t have a honeymoon forever and couples cannot spend every waking moment together, because Life! Everyone gets busy so its natural that your partner also makes plans that sometimes don’t include you. However, if your partner is always making plans that don’t involve you or takes up activities which prevents him/her from spending time with you, it’s a sign that they don’t want to spend time with you. Sometimes intentional, other times a subconscious way your partner is hinting that he/she does not enjoy spending time with you.

Not pulling their weight

If your partner is constantly unavailable at home due to work and other commitments and is simply not there when it comes to handling the many responsibilities that go into running a home, then its pretty clear that you’re being taken for granted. It means your partner has simply shrugged it off their shoulders and they either assume that you will take care of it or they simply do not care whether things get done or not.

You are not a priority

This is the toughest to deal with and might seem intangible but those who are in it, know exactly how this feels. Everything in your partner’s life, their work, friends, sports, hobbies – all these take precedence over you and your needs.

Some might argue especially when it comes to work that it’s about making a living and providing for the family so if the partner puts work before family, it is in the interest of the family. The important thing here is not the hours spent working, it is where do you feature in the list of priorities after your partner is done with work.

There are of course dozens of other signs, but these small ones are critical to be addressed before they snowball into a huge unresolvable conflict. Often the first step to solving this, is to acknowledge the problem and then communicating with each other respectfully.


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