Are you counting macros on your weight loss journey?


The very basic foundation of your weight loss journey, whether you’re working out or going on a diet or doing both, starts with counting calories and nutrients that you consume on a daily basis.

Of this, critically, the one thing that dieticians and fitness experts will tell you is that in the start the first thing, even before you decide how you’re going to lose weight is to count the macros you consume every single day.

‘Macro’ for the unversed is short for micronutrients and macronutrients are the three main nutrient categories that you eat in a day – protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Therefore, when you’re counting macros, it means you are tracking and counting in grams the carbs, proteins and fats you consume.

Counting macros is very useful when you’re losing weight or trying to build muscle and if you want to consume a calorie deficit diet then counting macros is the best way forward

Here’s how you can count macros:


Fibre, starch, sugar – all of it forms carbohydrates. Most of the carbs consumed are converted to glucose, in layman’s terms blood sugar which is then used by the body as energy. Most of this is immediate energy or stored as glycogen. Most people who are not on a diet tend to consume a high carb diet, which are 4 calories per gram.


Proteins are also 4 calories per gram of protein but proteins have a different function in the body. These help tissues, boost hormones and immune responses and in general help build muscle as well. So, for those looking to lose weight should opt for high protein and low carb diet.


Fats are the micronutrients with the greatest number of calories – 9 per gram. Fats are also essential for the body – they help regulate the body’s temperature, they help in the absorption of nutrients and boost hormones. It is a myth that you need to cut off all fats when on a diet. In fact, it’s important to identify the good fats and consume that as this makes the body stronger and aids in the reduction of weight more effectively.

Simply put, the key to losing weight and staying fit is to burn more calories than you consume. Counting macros is the most effective way to know how many calories you have eaten and accordingly you can take up the fitness activity that will ensure you burn equal or more calories than consumed.

Counting macros therefore, is the first step to being fit.


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