Arjan Bajwa: It’s not number of films but milestones that matter

Arjan Bajwa says he has never been one to take on work for the sake of increasing his filmography.

“I have been part of many hit films and that itself is being part of Bollywood. More so, it’s not just necessary that you do a number of films, but there should be milestones in your career, which when you look back upon, should make you feel proud,” he told IANS.

“I feel all your filmography is important and thankfully I had the chance to work with the best of talents in the industry. I have been a part of successful films like ‘Guru’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Son Of Sardaar’, ‘Rustom’ and ‘Kabir Singh’ and I am very proud of them all!” he says.

Arjan adds that you need to be hard working to survive in this industry.

“Bollywood welcomes you, one and all, with open arms. You just need to have that kind of perseverance, hard-working nature and talent to survive,” he says.

The actor will soon be seen in an OTT project based on the novel “The Bestseller She Wrote”. He will share the screen with Mithun Chakraborty and Shruti Haasan.