Arjun takes help from kickboxing champion Drew Neal


Actor Arjun Kapoor has struggled with obesity since his childhood. He has disclosed that his physical condition has made him train double the number of hours to get good results, and how he joined forces with world kickboxing champion Drew Neal to push himself to get the correct body type.

Arjun says: “I think everyone knows that I’m a constant work in progress when it comes to my fitness because I have dealt with obesity and how it affects the mind on a daily basis. I have to work harder than most people and push myself to do double the level of workout to achieve a certain body type that is required to play a Hindi film hero.”

The 36-year-old actor added that he likes to try out new things and train with “hardcore professionals”.

“If I do the same thing every single day, I feel saturated and uninspired and so, I’m always looking to experiment with my workouts to unlock desired results. I like to try out new things and train with hardcore professionals who can push me like there’s no tomorrow,” Arjun said.

He added: “That’s why I met Drew Neal, who is simply incredible at what he does. He is the perfect trainer for my health condition. For Neal, every day is a training day. You realise after a point that it’s all in the mind and the more focused you are, the better the result.”

Arjun shared that the professional kickboxer Neal understands him mentally as well.

“Drew understands that I need to be focused mentally as well as physically. He really spends time understanding what I am feeling and what I am going through. What my life is, what my work is and it’s also not always about the end result, it’s also about being consistent and continuous,” he said.

Arjun added: “Sometimes, it’s about ticking the box for the day and saying ok we did a good job today without looking at the end result.”

Arjun is happy that people are appreciating his recent transformation.

He said: “I have single-mindedly worked towards my transformation and I’m happy that people are noticing the change. I have been to hell and back for this transformation and I know that I have to endure an excruciating amount of hard work to get fitter. I will be at it because every day I’m only trying to get better.”