Arko decodes idea behind Kapil Sharma’s ‘I am not done yet’ song


Music composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee, professionally known as Arko, recently penned and composed the heartfelt song sung by comedian Kapil Sharma on his Netflix original ‘I am not done yet’.

The composer has called it a passion project since the track is dedicated to the leading comic’s father and depicts the relationship between a father and his son.

Talking about the idea behind the song, Arko said: “It’s a passion project. Kapil discussed this brief and I was hooked on to it from then on. He wanted to dedicate this to his late father but not be melodramatic. It has been widely loved and the song is trending on social media. Kapil was obviously emotional at times during the making of this song.”

Shedding light on the thought behind the lyrics, he said: “The lyrics were such that they depict a father son relationship beautifully and I would go on to say that even father and sons have an umbilical chord that never gets cut. We miss them always and the beauty is we struggle to tell them how much. Go ahead and try this out. It will be an experience. Love and respect to all fathers.”



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