Armaan Malik: Race for views, likes and streams is killing artiste and art

Singer Armaan Malik feels the present trend of prioritising number of views and likes on any song video is causing damage to artiste as well the art. Armaan tweeted his opinion on Wednesday.

“The race for views, likes and streams is killing the artist and the art. Yes it’s great to have good numbers, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Wish people understood this,” the singer wrote on Twitter.

Armaan has recently been quite vocal about the challenges being faced by the music industry.

“Today’s music industry is about challenges not songs,” Armaan tweeted earlier this week. “Do you wanna be the ‘timeless’ artist or the ‘time is less’ artist. Choose wisely,” he had written in a separate tweet.

Commenting on his Wednesday’s tweet, netizens agreed with his opinion but pointed out that real talent will eventually find its way.

“Its always been about the numbers. But real talent always gets the numbers in the long run. Its better for artists to focus on their work. The validation will surely come,” suggested a user.

“Absolutely agree with you sir. Now Music mafias have taken control over industry with the help of money. It is disheartening to see some mediocre singer getting famous by using autotune and PRs and deserving getting ignored,” commented another user.