Armaan Malik’s new single ‘You’ paints fairytale romance

Bollywood singer Armaan Malik’s new song titled ‘You’ has hit the airwaves. The love number, which is Armaan’s fourth English single, is set against the backdrop of Paris.

Calling it the most romantic song of his career, the singer has dedicated it to those who can’t express love out of shyness.

Featuring Armaan and Emma Declercq, ‘You’ depicts blossoming young love in a world that seems cynical about the very emotion.

Talking about the song and its importance for him as an artiste, Armaan shares: “It’s exciting for me to bring aYou’ to the listeners and I’m so fortunate to have fans, who were super thrilled way before its release. Music has been a creative release for me and my idea of love found expression through ‘You’.”

The singer implies that it’s one of his most ambitious songs of his career.

“I can’t wait to hear what the listeners think about one of the most ambitious and romantic songs of my career. Love has been a recurring theme in my music and I went all out for this one. I dedicate You to those reticent ones who can’t put love in words.”

Presented by Arista Records (Sony Music USA) and sung by Armaan Malik, ‘You’ is available on YouTube and across streaming platforms.




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