Armed cops to crack down on illegal LED fishing off Goa

Armed policemen will now assist Fisheries department officials to keep tabs on the illegal trend of LED fishing once the fishing activity resumes in Goa after the customary breeding season ban, Fisheries Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar said here on Thursday.

The Minister also said that three police inspectors sourced from the Goa Police would be assisting Fisheries Department officials to crack down on the LED fishing off Goa’s coastline.

“There will be a strong vigil on LED fishing. We are fitting CCTV on fishing jetties to keep track of such activities. We will also get Goa Police staff integrated into our department. By August we will also procure three boats for the purpose of cracking down on LED fishing,” Halarnkar said.

Ban on fishing during the breeding season began on June 1 and commercial fishing is scheduled to restart from August 1.

Fisherfolk in Goa have been demanding a ban on fishing with the help of LED lights, which attracts entire swarms of fish with the help of its powerful glow underwater.

Marine scientists have also suggested that the practice abets indiscriminate fishing, which would eventually lead to a fish famine in the waters off Goa.

Halarnkar also said that if fishermen illegally try to carry out illegal fishing outside the state’s waters, the Indian Coast Guard would be brought in to nab them.

“If they go beyond 12 nautical miles, we will seek assistance from the (Indian) Coast Guard,” he said.




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