Armed uprising against Taliban clears them out of 3 districts


Tens of members of armed uprising groups attacked the Pol-e-Hesar district of northern Baghlan province in Afghanistan and cleared them of the Taliban.

Ever since the Taliban toppled all but Panjsher province on August 15, the fighters were engaged in their first armed conflict which erupted between them and the people’s uprising.

Local residents claim two other districts — Deh Salah and Qasaan — have also been taken back from the Taliban, Afghan media reported.

Former acting minister of defense, Bismillah Muhammadi who is now living in Panjsher province wrote on his Twitter handle that the people’s uprising has recaptured pol-e-Hesar, Bano, and Deh Salah districts of Baghlan province.

Local residents have also claimed to have killed 40 Taliban fighters and wounded 15 more, however, the Taliban have not commented on the conflict yet.

Defiant first vice President Amrullah Saleh and son of Slain Ahamad Shah Masoud have pledged to resist the Taliban and said they will never surrender to them. They said that resistance two will be commenced from Panjsher province and have asked foreign members of ANDSF to join them in the cause.

It comes as the Taliban are grabbing control of entire Afghanistan including the Afghan capital but are yet to fill the political vacuum now after six days.