Army assists in resuscitation of oxygen generation plant

Technicians of the Army’s Chinar Corps in Srinagar have assisted in the repair of an oxygen generation plant at Rangreth, officials said on Thursday.

The Army said the oxygen plant of Enn Dee Gases located at Rangreth with a capacity of filling 700 cylinders of oxygen per day was out of action for the last five years.

“It was vital to make this plant serviceable to increase the oxygen production capacity in the valley,” the army said.

“On being requested by the civil administration, Chinar Corps mobilised its resources to transport the required spare parts from Mumbai.”

The Army said the spares were brought within just two days by an Indian Air Force plane.

“The moment the necessary spares arrived at the plant, a team of technicians from Corps Zone Workshop, Rangreth along with civil technicians worked tirelessly to make the plant serviceable within four days,” the army said.

As the plant was in a state of disuse for five years, it had multiple problems in all sub-systems like the Heavy Duty Air Compressor, the Chiller and even the Columnar Air Separator, which are vital parts of the plant. Once all the defects in the existing sub-systems were rectified, the new Oxygen Filling Manifold was fitted by the technicians.

“The plant has been tested thoroughly and has been found to work satisfactorily,” the army said.