Army mobilised for rescue ops in MP, over 700 evacuated


Indian Army has been mobilised to carry out relief and rescue operations in flood affected regions in Madhya Pradesh. The force has managed to evacuate more than 700 persons to safer places.

Heavy rain in Madhya Pradesh has flooded Chambal region affecting many villages in Gwalior, Sheopur, Shivpuri, Datia and Bhind districts, as well.

The flooding in many prominent rivers in the area submerged swathes of land and washed away critical road links and bridges connecting these areas.

The local administration requested for Army Formations to undertake coordinated flood relief and rescue operations to save human lives and livestock.

“On receipt of the requisition from civil administration, Army swiftly launched Operation Varsha 21,” Indian Army stated.

Four Army columns consisting of about 80 personnel and specialized equipment for flood relief operations were mobilized on August 3, 2021 from Army Formations of Sudarshan Chakra Corps stationed at Gwalior, Jhansi and Saugor and reached the affected areas of Sheopur, Shivpuri, Datia and Bhitarwar in Gwalior within two hours.

The flood relief columns after carrying out initial assessment of the situation at the affected areas, launched operations during the night and were successful in reaching upto the last village.

The efforts resulted in saving 150 personnel by morning of August 4, 2021 and another 250 persons as also livestock of the poor farmers.

The rise in water levels in Sindh river in Bhind district inundated new areas on August 4 and August 5, wherein, additional Army columns were mobilized.

Presently, nine columns including Engineer Task Force are deployed in the region.

In addition, doctors and paramedic staff from Army Medical Corps are also providing medical aid to the sick and injured.

“The relief operations are ongoing in conjunction with civil administration,” the force said.