Arrest warrant against new CPI-M Rajya Sabha member Rahim


A court in the Kerala capital has issued an arrest warrant against newly sworn-in CPI-M Rajya Sabha member A.A. Rahim in a case against him filed by a college professor, who alleged that she was harassed and held hostage by him and other Students Federation of India activists some years back.

The Thiruvananthapuram Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court has issued the arrest warrant after Rahim failed to appear before the court when he was asked to do so in the past.

Along with Rahim, 11 others are also accused in the case, which pertains to a 2017 incident, when he, along with other students, approached Dr Vijayalekshmi seeking release of funds for the conduct of the Kerala University Union festival.

Vijayalekshmi then said she will release the funds but before that she has to be given a utilisation certificate for the funds given previously, but Rahim and the others objected to this and restrained her for a few hours.

Then it was after lot of pressure that a case was registered and she fought hard.

Rahim, 41, was a surprise selection to the Upper House and he was sworn in early this month.

His stock rose hugely in the party ever since he became a popular face on TV channel debates defending the party at all times.



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